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WVU professor of resource economics and management named Southern Regional Science Association Fellow

Peter Schaeffer accepts SRSA Fellow plaque during the 2018 annual conference in Philadelphia.

Professor of  Resource Economics and Management  Peter Schaeffer has been named a 2018 Southern Regional Science Association Fellow, making him the fifth named Fellow from  West Virginia University.

SRSA is an association for the advancement of regional analysis and related spatial and areal studies with the primary goals of fostering the exchange of ideas and promoting studies that focus on regional topics and issues. The SRSA Fellows program recognizes individuals with particularly outstanding records of scholarship and/or service to the Association in the advancement of regional analysis and related fields of study. The Executive Council of the Association elects individuals for this honorary position.

“I feel incredibly honored to be recognized by this organization,” Schaeffer said. “I’m also proud to build upon a tradition that has been established by other WVU researchers.”

Schaeffer, who started teaching at WVU in 1993, joins a distinguished group of 28 scholars. Previously named Fellows from WVU are William H. Miernyk (1981), founder of the WVU  Regional Research Institute; Andrew M. Isserman (2010);  Brian J. Cushing (2011), associate professor of  economics and faculty research associate; and  Randall W. Jackson (2015), director of the RRI and professor of  geology and geography.

“Peter is recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in population change and migration theory, regional economics and development, as well as entrepreneurial and business development,” said Jackson, a past president of SRSA. “His publications in migration and population economics deal with theoretical issues and are aimed at peers and a larger, and often, inter-disciplinary audience, demonstrating his ability to communicate across related disciplines.” 

In addition to serving on the faculty in the  Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, Schaeffer also serves as faculty research associate for the RRI, adjunct professor of economics and visiting professor for Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao, People’s Republic of China. His previous roles include WVU division director (1993-2006) and SRSA conference chair, committee member and past president.

Schaeffer has been awarded more than $1.2 million in grants for research, outreach, teaching and administrative projects, on which he served as principal investigator  or co-PI. 

Additionally, he has authored and edited 13 books, studies and dissertations and nearly 100 conference and seminar presentations at international, national and regional conferences. He has been published in 57 refereed journals and has made contributions to more than 90 books, book reviews and articles.  

“Peter Schaeffer displays all of the qualities of a first-rate scholar and shows great concern for and interest in the activities of his colleagues along with a willingness to share his own research interests and expertise with others,” Jackson said. “He is supportive of others’ research and interests and is a highly respected, valued friend and colleague.”

Schaeffer was invited to present the Fellows Address during the 57th SRSA Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon on March 16, 2018. His presentation, “The Rules of the Game,” will be published in The Review of Regional Studies, the official journal of the Southern Regional Science Association. 



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