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Visiting Advisory Committee

The WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design visiting advisory committee offers guidance, insight and support to Davis College leadership and academic units.

The visiting advisory committee serves to review and inform the dean and college leadership of

current and future industry, academia, government and world trends related to the college's vision and land-grant mission.

Committee  members are a network of civic, corporate and cultural leaders who play a demonstratively positive role in the Davis College’s growth and success.

This committee provides opportunities for its members to assist the college in growing  stronger and achieving greater success in fulfilling its vision and mission. This assistance is both greatly appreciated and extremely helpful.

To further support the Davis College leadership team, the visiting advisory committee (referred to as the committee at-large) is divided into the following subcommittees:

1. Strategic: This subcommittee is forward looking. The committee seeks input from industry leaders for trends and impacts on future students. The members assist the Davis College in becoming more strategic in its work in teaching, research and extension. They prepare and deliver a strategic report for each visiting committee meeting. 

2. Development: This subcommittee helps to look for development and advancement opportunities, new membership of the committee and similar issues. The members prepare and deliver a development/advancement report for each committee meeting. 

3. Operations: This subcommittee will be focused on the academic portion of Davis College, recruitment, curricular elements, research foci and student, faculty and staff issues. The members will prepare and deliver an operations report for each committee meeting. 

Each of the subcommittees will have a chair and vice-chair in a rotation. One member of the at-large committee will serve as the chair of the at-large visiting committee.

These committees serve to enhance the growth of the Davis College in particular and more broadly the University. 

photo of committee members