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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Mellon Square, Susan Rademacher Over the past few decades, the City of Pittsburgh has become “a model of Rust Belt revitalization,” and its revival, in large part, is due to the preservation and management of parks systems.

West Virginia University  will provide an opportunity for students and community members to learn valuable lessons from one of Pittsburgh’s distinguished environmental designers, who has been a key player in the city’s reinvention.

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Remember the first time you saw a cow up close or heard the baa of a sheep in person? Thousands of area kids will experience those firsts when West Virginia University’s Animal Sciences Farm hosts Kiddie Days April 25-27. kid with WVU t-shirt on watching the cows

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It’s an unseasonably warm February day in Morgantown, but a cool breeze is moving through a wooded valley tucked away in West Virginia University’s downtown area.

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Lisa Orr Lisa Orr's lifelong fascination with Appalachia's rural cemeteries began when she was just 11 years old during a visit with her family to the rolling hills of Preston County, where she attended the funeral of her great-grandmother. She was inspired so much that this topic became a life-long-learning pursuit, becoming the subject of her research in graduate school at the University of California at Berkeley and continuing at WVU, where she serves as assistant professor of landscape architecture.

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Jim Thompson standing against columnJames Thompson, professor of soil science, is one of six West Virginia University faculty members to be selected for the 2017 Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching.

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On April 9-13, West Virginia University scholars will join other experts in the fields of mining and reclamation for a joint conference of three prominent organizations.

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