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The journey to an education isn’t easy. Adding in moving to a new country and immersing yourself in a new culture — that's a challenge! But you’re not alone! We want to help you enjoy your new home and excel in your classes. 

Get started: Find answers to your questions. Speak to an admissions counselor. When you're ready,  apply!

Find your niche: Join a few clubs and meet new people.  

Build your resume: Get a job on or off campus, start saving and learn valuable life skills. 

Take care of yourself: Mental and physical health should come first. You can always stop by the 4th floor Agricultural Sciences Building for a snuggle with Ryder, our college therapy dog. 

Have fun: Never stop playing! College is about both learning and making memories.   

Get tutoring: Classes can be tough, but we can help! Get tutoring from a Davis College peer. Find the help you need to excel. 

Know what’s happening: Make sure you're signed up for the Davis College Take Note. There you'll find opportunities for jobs, internships, study abroad trips, scholarship and more! Check out the calendar for events focused on research, entertainment, sports and more! 

We’re glad you chose Davis College! As you learn and grow here, we hope you’ll help us create a world sustainably fed, clothed and sheltered.