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Assistant Professor Lisa Orr featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine

Lisa Orr Lisa Orr's lifelong fascination with Appalachia's rural cemeteries began when she was just 11 years old during a visit with her family to the rolling hills of Preston County, where she attended the funeral of her great-grandmother. She was inspired so much that this topic became a life-long-learning pursuit, becoming the subject of her research in graduate school at the University of California at Berkeley and continuing at WVU, where she serves as assistant professor of landscape architecture.

This month, Orr's years of research and dedicated work are being highlighted in a feature piece titled "Request Not Found" in a premier publication for landscape architecture, Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Landscape Architecture Magazine cover - April 2017
Access the full publication here (scroll down and look to the right-hand side of the page to see the options for viewing a free digital copy or subscribing). 


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