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Meet the Grads: Regan Swan

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Regan Swan has spent her undergraduate education studying agribusiness management, agricultural and natural resources law, and sustainable design. She'll graduate this weekend with her degree in agribusiness management before beginning her studies at the WVU College of Law this fall.

"I hope to focus my studies on environmental, land use and sustainable development law, all of which I fell in love with during my undergraduate career," said the Scott Depot native. "I hope to use my law degree to advocate for natural resource protection and sustainable development practices. One day, I want to open my own law firm using the business skills I’ve learned throughout my undergraduate studies."

Why did you choose to attend WVU Davis College?

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I started in a different college here at WVU but switched majors after my first semester. I didn’t know much about the Davis College before that, but I immediately felt at home here. Everything is more personal, and there’s always someone willing to help you. There’s something special about our community, where everyone has different academic interests but shares a vision of serving people and the planet in a sustainable way. We’re a small portion of a huge university, which allows us to be close-knit while still having the resources of a large school.

What was your most valuable experience at Davis College?

My most valuable experience in the Davis College has been serving as a student ambassador. I’ve really enjoyed helping prospective and admitted students learn more about the Davis College and our programs, as well as writing to them when they get accepted! I’m also thankful to have met some of the smartest, kindest and most hard-working people during my time as a student ambassador, including other students from a wide variety of majors.

What advice do you have for current Davis College students?

My advice to current Davis College students is to explore a variety of classes. The Davis College has so many interesting courses and professors in a variety of disciplines, so I encourage you to take electives you may not otherwise consider. Taking sustainable design and development my freshman year led me to the sustainable design minor and an interest in green buildings! You never know what may end up being interesting, and it’s a great way to find a minor you’d like to pursue.

What advice do you have for high school students?

My advice for high school students is that it’s ok to branch out and try new things. I changed majors twice during my freshman year, so don’t be too worried about anything being set in stone just yet! Focus on finding out what’s truly interesting to you, and don’t be worried about taking an unconventional path to get there.