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Davis College student designs interior for local coffee shop

Cozy. Warm. Cute. Those adjectives aptly describe the atmosphere created by West Virginia University student Danielle Hinderliter inside Annie's Coffee Shop and Creamery. 

Coffee shop bar area 

Morgantown's newest coffee shop is part of the Apple Annie's family, the beloved local restaurant known for its homestyle food and famous desserts. 

An interior design major in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design and former server at Apple Annie’s, Hinderliter asked the owners if she could design the space for the coffee shop.  

“They said they’d like to see what I had. So, I made a little sketch up model and showed them my ideas,” she said.  

Graduating this spring from WVU, Hinderliter’s educational experience gave her the skills and knowledge to render her vision so they could see what she saw in her mind's eye.  

“We did a lot of program design my sophomore year. And once I got the hang of it, it's been so nice. People love getting that visual,” she said. “I can render it and show them pretty much exactly what it would look like. Not everyone can just see it for themselves in their heads. I definitely feel like that helped a lot.”  Two people painting 

The owner knew he wanted a cabin feel and a fireplace. Past that, Hinderliter took the reins to complete the vision.  

Working with high ceilings not readily providing a cozy space, she incorporated the floor-to-ceiling stone corner fireplace and had her father make a drop-down wooden fixture to hang lights above the seating area. She used a dark color paint to make it warmer and a light color where the bar area is. 

“I think people often choose where they go based on how they feel in the space. So, I really wanted to make it super cozy,” she said of her design decisions. “It’s a very coffee and ice cream and cabin feel.” 

A highlight of the experience was working with her father.  


“He did all the stonework and woodwork there. He and I worked a lot together. He pretty much made whatever I wanted happen,” she laughed. He’s also working on the Italian deli, San Marzano, the owners are putting in next to the coffee shop, where Hinderliter will paint the company logo.  

Although she regularly helps clients design rooms in their homes, this was her first commercial space. Helping a local business in her hometown altered her outlook on potential careers after graduation. 


“I always thought I wanted to do residential work,” she said. “I realized I could design for a whole community and I loved every second of it.”  

Stone fireplace


Her favorite part of the coffee shop?  

“Definitely the fireplace area. For the little fireplace area, we got a beautiful leather couch and chairs. It’s so cute and cozy and there are two windows right by it. I love sitting there,” she said. “And I like to get a London Fog English or a vanilla cappuccino in a big mug with a chocolate chip cookie for sure.” 




CONTACT: Lindsay Willey 
Director of Marketing and Communications 
Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design 

Photo Captions:
Top left: Danielle Hinderliter designed the bar area of the coffee shop.  
Middle right: Danielle Hinderliter (left) worked with the owners to paint the logo. 

Bottom left: Danielle Hinderliter designed the fireplace area of the coffee shop.