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Meet the Grads: Angela Liller

Wanting to learn something new, Angela Liller, a native of Oakland, Maryland, came to WVU to get a master’s degree in energy environments and a GIS and Spatial Analysis Graduate Certificate. Angela Liller

During her time in the Davis College, she helped the Washington County Watershed Alliance map its watersheds and locate data loggers that had been previously installed in streams throughout the county.

“The purpose was to determine where water quality was affected. The data loggers log precipitation, conductivity and temperature to see what types of run-off were affecting the streams in the areas. There was a lot that I learned and it was a great experience," Liller said.

The education and hands-on experience she gained as a WVU student helped her secure a part-time GIS position with the West Virginia Division of Highways.

What was your most interesting course?
My climate change class with Dr. Mark Sperow

What are your future plans?
I’m taking it as it comes. I anticipate what I’m doing now is going to evolve into a full time job.

What was the best part of your time at WVU?
I enjoyed all of it. I liked my classes. I’m big on learning and I like learning. The professors at Davis College, the ones that I had, were highly skilled and very good at what they did. My advisor, Dr. Mike Strager, was very helpful in getting a job.

What was the most difficult or most unexpected part?
COVID-19. The best learning environment is when you’re surrounded by other people learning the same things, so we can learn from each other and interact with the professor. Online doesn’t work.

What would you do differently?
I don’t think there’s anything that I would change. I’m quite satisfied with my experience.

In tackling your degree and coming to WVU, what were you most afraid of? Was your fear realized? How did you overcome it?
I’m an older student and returned to school, so that was a little bit disconcerting. There were other older, non-traditional students as well. Nobody made it hard for me.

What is your advice for future students?
If you’re going to go to school, that needs to be your job. You need to focus on it full-time and put 100% in.