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Davis Employee Directory

Plant and Soil Sciences

Verlinden, Sven

Director of Plant and Soil Sciences
Associate Professor of Horticulture

(304) 293-2944

3403 Agricultural Sciences

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Baker, Barton

Professor Emeritus of Agronomy

(304) 293-6023

3210 Agricultural Sciences

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Balasko, John

Professor Emeritus of Agronomy

3210 Agricultural Sciences

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Baniecki, John

Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology

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Benedito, Vagner

Associate Professor of Biochemical Genetics

(304) 293-5434

3425 Agricultural Sciences

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Biggs, Alan R.

Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology

(304) 876-6353

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Bissonnette, Gary

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Microbiology

(304) 293-9221

G159 South Agricultural Science

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Bryan, William

Professor Emeritus of Agronomy

(304) 293-4579

3210 Agricultural Sciences

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Bulatovic-Danilovich, Mirjana

Extension Specialist, Consumer Horticulture

Master Gardener Program Coordinator

(304) 293-2620

3411 Agricultural Sciences

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Chandran, Rakesh

Professor, Extension Weed Specialist

(304) 293-2603

3417 Agricultural Sciences

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Davis, David

Teaching Assistant Professor of Horticulture

(304) 293-2805

3415 Agricultural Sciences

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Erwin, Marcy

Administrative Assistant

(304) 293-2818

3409 Agricultural Sciences

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Gallegly, Mannon

Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology

(304) 293-6394

G159 South Agricultural Sciences

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Griggs, Thomas

 Associate Professor Emeritus of Agronomy

(304) 293-2827

3413 Agricultural Sciences

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Gutensohn, Michael

Assistant Professor of Horticulture

(304) 293-5144

3424 Agricultural Sciences 

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Hando, John

Visiting Assistant Professor of Genetics and Developmental Biology

(304) 293-5799

975 Rawley Lane; Room 220-B

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Hubbart, Jason

Professor of Physical Hydrology

(304) 293-2472

340 Percival Hall

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Huebner, Cynthia D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor

(304) 293-2375

204 Evansdale Greenhouse

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Irvine, Kelly

Business Manager, Davis College Store

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Jenks, Matthew

Adjunct Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences

(304) 293-4817

3403 Agricultural Sciences

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Kass, Lee

Adjunct Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences

(304) 293-2805

3210 Agricultural Sciences

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Kasson, Matt

Director of the International Culture Collection of (Vesicular) Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (INVAM)
Associate Professor of Forest Pathology and Mycology

(304) 293-8837

G103 South Agricultural Sciences

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Kijimoto, Teiya

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Developmental Genetics

(304) 293-6840

3320 Agricultural Sciences

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Kondo, Vicki

Research Assistant I

(304) 293-2839

3310 Agricultural Sciences

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Kotcon, James

Associate Professor of Plant Pathology

(304) 293-8822

G105 South Agricultural Sciences

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Leskey, Tracy

 Adjunct Faculty of Plant and Soil Sciences

(304) 725-3451 ext. 329

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Lovett, Brian

Post-Doctoral Researcher


South Agricultural Sciences Building

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Lynch, Joseph

Assistant Professor


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MacDonald, William

Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology

(304) 293-8818

115B South Agricultural Sciences

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Mata Padrino, Domingo Jose

Research Associate Professor of Agronomy

(304) 293-2845

3316 Agricultural Sciences

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McDonald, Louis Jr.

Professor of Environmental Soil Chemistry and Soil Fertility

(304) 293-2842

G150 South Agricultural Sciences

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Metheny, Amy

Research Assistant

(304) 293-9277

G111 South Agricultural Sciences

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Moon, Youyoun

Teaching Associate Professor of Horticulture

(304) 293-4817

3318 Agricultural Sciences

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Morrissey, Ember

Assistant Professor of Environmental Microbiology

(304) 293-2332

G107 South Agricultural Sciences

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Morton, Joseph

Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology

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Panaccione, Daniel

Davis-Michael Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences
Assistant Director of Graduate Programs

(304) 293-8819

G109 South Agricultural Sciences

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Park, Yong-Lak

Professor of Entomology

(304) 293-2882

3303 Agricultural Sciences

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Pena-Yewtukhiw, Eugenia

Associate Professor of Soil Science

(304) 293-2887

3110 Agricultural Sciences

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Quesada, Carlos

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

(304) 293-8835

3308 Agricultural Sciences

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Reddy, Umesh

 Adjunct Faculty of Genetics and Developmental Biology

(304) 766-3066

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Rowen, Elizabeth

Service Assistant Professor of Entomology 

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Sexstone, Alan

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Microbiology

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Skousen, Jeffrey

Professor of Soil Science

(304) 293-2667

3112 Agricultural Sciences

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Thompson, James

Research and Development Coordinator, National Soil Survey Center-Geospatial Research Unit
Professor of Soil Science

(304) 293-2921

3115 Agricultural Science

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Tinney, Laura

Program Coordinator of Institute of Water Security and Science

(304) 293-6887

3108 Agricultural Science

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Turcotte, Richard

Adjunct Assistant Professor

(304) 285-1544

180 Canfield Street; Morgantown, WV 26505

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Verlinden, Sven

Director of Plant and Soil Sciences
Associate Professor of Horticulture

(304) 293-2944

3403 Agricultural Sciences

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Waterland, Nicole

Associate Professor of Horticulture and Director of Greenhouse

(304) 293-2969

3315 Agricultural Sciences

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Wheeler, Billy

Research Assistant I

(304) 876-9281

G153 South Agricultural Sciences

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