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Davis Employee Directory

Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Barnes, Kimberly

Interim Director of Animal and Nutritional Sciences
Associate Professor of Biochemistry

(304) 293-1841

2403 Agricultural Sciences

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Blake, Tammy

Academic Program Associate, Davis-Michael Scholars

(304) 293-1951

2104 Agricultural Sciences

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Blemings, Ken

Interim Dean, West Virginia University – Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design
Interim Director, WVU Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station
Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry

(304) 293-2395

4113 Agricultural Sciences

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Bowdridge, Scott

Assistant Professor of Food Animal Production

(304) 293-2003

2213 Agricultural Sciences

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Dailey, Robert

Professor of Reproductive Physiology

(304) 293-1865

2105 Agricultural Sciences

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Epps, Kisstaman

Office Administrator

(304) 293-1986

2407 Agricultural Sciences

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Felton, Eugene

Associate Professor of Animal and Nutritional Sciences

(304) 293-1879

1409 Agricultural Sciences

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Freshour, Nettie

Teaching Associate Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods
Director of the Undergraduate Didactic Program in Dietetics
Director of the Graduate Dietetic Internship Program

(304) 293-2651

2424 Agricultural Sciences

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Govindan, Megan

Teaching Associate Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods

(304) 293-1887

G24 Agricultural Sciences

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Inskeep, E. Keith

Professor Emeritus of Reproductive Physiology

(304) 293-1936

2109 Agricultural Sciences

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Jaczynski, Jacek

Professor of Food Science and Muscle Food Safety

(304) 293-1893

2415 Agricultural Sciences

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Kenney, P. Brett

Professor of Food Science

(304) 293-1896

2419 Agricultural Sciences

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Klandorf, Hillar

Professor of Physiology and Nutrition

(304) 293-1897

2112 Agricultural Sciences

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Knights, Marlon

Associate Professor of Animal & Nutritional Sciences

(304) 293-1946

2210 Agricultural Sciences

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Krause, Marie K.

Associate Professor of Ruminant Nutrition

(304) 293-1899

1411 Agricultural Sciences

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Lewis, Paul

Assistant Director of Outreach and Community Affairs for Davis College
Professor Emeritus of Animal & Nutritional Sciences

(304) 293-1901

4111 Agricultural Sciences

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Marra, Melissa Ventura

Assistant Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods

(304) 293-2690

2204 Agricultural Sciences

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Matak, Kristen

Professor of Animal and Nutritional Sciences

(304) 293-1908

2421 Agricultural Sciences

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Mathew, Daniel

Assistant Professor of Reproductive Physiology

(304) 293-4885

2211 Agricultural Sciences

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Minch, Margaret

Teaching Professor of Veterinary Medicine

(304) 293-1909

2107 Agricultural Sciences

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Moritz, Joseph

Professor of Poultry Science
State Extension Specialist Feed Manufacture and Poultry Science

(304) 293-1911

1417 Agricultural Sciences

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Mouser, Kim


(304) 293-1978

2404 Agricultural Sciences

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Nestor, Eric

Research Assistant I

(304) 293-1981

1302 Agricultural Sciences

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Olfert, Melissa

Associate Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods

(304) 293-1918

G28 Agricultural Sciences

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Parenti, Lindsay

Visiting Instructor

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Shaffer, Kevin

Assistant Professor and Extension Livestock Production Specialist

(304) 293-2669

G213 Agricultural Sciences 

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Shen, Cangliang

Assistant Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods
Extension Specialist, Food System and Human Health

(304) 293-2691

2423 Agricultural Sciences

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Slider, Susan

Research Assistant II

(304) 293-1985

2005 Agricultural Sciences

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Smith, Crystal

Teaching Associate Professor of Animal and Nutritional Sciences

(304) 980-3040

1413 Agricultural Sciences Building

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Taylor, Robert L., Jr.

Professor of Animal and Nutritional Sciences

(304) 293-2000

2108 Agricultural Sciences

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Tou, Janet

Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods

(304) 293-1919

2417 Agricultural Sciences

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Wilson, Matthew

Associate Dean for Programs
Associate Director of WVAFES
Professor of Reproductive Physiology

(304) 293-1935

4103 Agricultural Sciences

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Yao, Jianbo

Professor of Functional Genomics

(304) 293-1948

2409 Agricultural Sciences

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