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Wildlife and Fisheries Resources

Student taking water sample The Wildlife and Fisheries Resources Program at WVU is dedicated to developing the next generation of young fisheries and wildlife professionals. This program offers two levels of advanced degree with a Master of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources and a Ph.D. in Forest Resources available. At the M.S. or Ph.D. level, students work closely with their faculty advisor and mentor to develop a unique research program that will prepare them for a career in this field. Students typically focus on either Wildlife OR Fisheries for these advanced degrees. Course work for these degrees varies depending upon the career goals of the student, past course history, and educational needs for the intended research project. New for 2011, we will require that all graduates will have completed necessary coursework to obtain professional certification as a biologist by The Wildlife Society OR The American Fisheries Society by the time of graduation. Typically all students take 2 semesters of Statistics (STAT 511 and 512) and an advanced GIS class.