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Yao, Jianbo

Professor of Functional Genomics

Dr. Jianbo Yao is a professor of animal biotechnology and genomics and faculty member in the reproductive physiology, and genetics and developmental biology programs at the West Virginia University. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in molecular biology from McGill University (Canada) and received his postdoctoral training at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Before joining the WVU faculty, he served as the associate director for the Center for Animal Functional Genomics at the Michigan State University. He teaches animal biotechnology and biochemistry courses. The major focus of his research is to discover novel oocyte-specific genes and determine their functional contributions to early embryonic development in cattle.


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  5. Yao J, Ren X, Ireland JJ, Coussens PM, Smith TPL and Smith GW. 2004. Generation of a bovine oocyte cDNA library and microarray: Resources for identification of oocyte-expressed genes potentially important for oocyte/follicular development and early embryogenesis. Physiological Genomics 19:84-92.
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