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Pierskalla, Chad

Professor of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources

Dr. Pierskalla received his B.S. in Recreation Resource Management at the University of Minnesota, M.S. in Forestry (Forest Recreation) at Northern Arizona University, and Ph.D. in Forest Resources (Forest Recreation) at the University of Minnesota. His research interests are in understanding how people use, perceive and benefit from outdoor recreation areas. Social and biophysical indicators of outdoor recreation quality are derived from a better understanding of human-nature relationships. Much of his recent research supports public resource land management and tourism:

Select Publications

  1. Pierskalla, C.D., Akers, C.B., Deng, J., and Smaldone, D.A. (2021). Examining changes in recreation participation on the Monongahela National Forest over five years following the global financial crisis: An activity-based segmentation approach. Heliyon, 7: e07266.

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