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WVU Evansdale Greenhouse

The 28,250 square-foot Evansdale Greenhouse consists of two primary structures, the headhouse and the greenhouse area.

The headhouse features:

The greenhouse area features:

The affixed, pre-existing plastic facility features a 9,635 square foot space for cultivation and sales.

User Procedures and Policies       
Greenhouse Space Request Form
Freezer and Cooler Space Request

The Agricultural Sciences building also houses plant growth chambers that are used for plant science research that requires a high level of environmental control. Six walk-in chambers and one reach-in growth chamber are available on a priority basis to researchers in the Division of Plant and Soil Sciences. The walk-in chambers provide controlled temperature, humidity, and C02 levels for plant growth. A space request form and User Procedures and Policies are currently in construction. Any questions regarding reservation of space should be directed to Amanda Barth or Nicole Waterland.