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Mid-Year Academy

Adjusting to college life can be difficult and most students experience setbacks at some point during their academic career. A setback can be a good time to evaluate and reflect on what caused the setback and to move forward by identifying and utilizing campus support. 

The Davis College wants to help you get back on track to academic success and to keep moving forward towards earning your college degree! We have designed a program to guide you on a pathway to good academic standing (above a 2.0 GPA) utilizing success coaching along with an academic mindset course. 

Next Steps 

Mid-Year Academy is designed to help you make an academic plan for Spring 2024. You will work with your adviser to adjust your spring schedule and complete your Academic Performance Contract. You will meet with your assigned success coach to identify behaviors or barriers that impacted your fall semester performance and connect with campus resources to support your academic recovery. 

Step 1: 

Complete the Davis College Mid-Year Academy Module. If you have questions about the module, please email Amber McLaughlin, senior director of academic affairs 

Step 2: 

Once you’ve completed the module, your academic advisor will contact you to schedule an advising appointment. Appointments will take place January 3-5. You must meet with your advisor before the last day to add/drop classes, January 12. During this appointment you will work with your advisor on any necessary spring schedule changes (including adding a sections of ANRD 293C-Grow Your Mindset) and complete your Academic Performance Contract.

Step 3: 

After meeting with your advisor, you will be contacted by your Academic Success Coach to schedule your first coaching appointment. Initial appointments must take place prior to February 6. 

Step 4: 

Make sure to review the terms of your of your Academic Performance Contract and follow up with your advisor or success coach. 

We hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity for academic recovery. Your advisor, success coach and the Davis College Academic Affairs Office are all here to help you succeed! Wishing you all the best for a fantastic spring semester.