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Kondo, Vicki

Research Assistant I

Vicki Kondo has been a Research Assistant in Entomology at West Virginia University in since 1982. During this time she has been a part of WVU entomology research and has been an occasional lecturer/laboratory assistant for graduate and undergraduate entomology courses.

She has procured and maintained the live insect species that are a part of the WVU Insectarium and created displays for the facility. Vicki has been the main participant in outreach programs presenting entomological information to hundreds of groups such as schools or other public groups and organizations.

Research interests have focused on areas such as sampling and identification of local macrolepidoptera (moths) and aranea (spiders) as well as investigations regarding beneficial insects for biological control. She is currently involved with upgrade and maintenance of the WVU Arthropod Collection for reference and teaching material.

Kondo obtained a BA in Chemistry from WVU in 1979 and completed over 70 hours of graduate coursework in Entomology and related disciplines.