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Griggs, Thomas

 Associate Professor Emeritus of Agronomy

Dr. Thomas Griggs earned a bachelor of arts degree in plant sciences from Hampshire College, a master of science degree in agronomy from the Pennsylvania State University and a doctorate in agriculture/agronomy from Texas Tech University. He teaches, researches, and mentors students in crop science, grassland agronomy, herbage and bioenergy feedstock compositional analysis, and pasture canopy management impacts on ecosystem services.


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  2. Brown, C., T. Griggs, T. Keene, M. Marra, and J. Skousen. 2016. Switchgrass biofuel production on reclaimed surface mines: I. Soil quality and dry matter yield. BioEnerg. Res. 9:31-39.
  3. Brown, C., T. Griggs, I. Holaskova, and J. Skousen. 2016. Switchgrass biofuel production on reclaimed surface mines: II. Feedstock quality and theoretical ethanol production. BioEnerg. Res. 9:40-49.
  4. Chail, A., J. Legako, L. Pitcher, T. Griggs, R. Ward, S. Martini, and J. MacAdam. 2016. Legume finishing provides beef with positive human dietary fatty acid ratios and comparable consumer preference with grain-finished beef. J. Anim. Sci. 94:2184-2197.
  5. Hunt, S.R., J.W. MacAdam, and T.C. Griggs. 2016. Seeding rate, oat companion crop, and planting season effects on irrigated organic birdsfoot trefoil stands in the Mountain West United States. Crop Sci. 56:463-473.
  6. Olsoy, P., T.C. Griggs, A.C. Ulappa, K. Gehlken, L.A. Shipley, G.E. Shewmaker, and J.S. Forbey. 2016. Nutritional analysis of sagebrush by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy. J. Arid Environments 134:125-131.
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