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Kijimoto, Teiya

Associate Professor of Evolutionary Developmental Genetics

Teiya Kijimoto received his degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan). His PhD research focused on the discovery and functional analysis of genes that are responsible for creating the morphological diversification in East African cichlid fish jaws. He then moved to Indiana University to study the genetic and developmental mechanisms underlying the morphological diversification of beetle horns. In 2015, he moved to Division of Plant and Soil Sciences at Davis College as an assistant professor of Genetics. Currently, the Kijimoto lab uses three different insect groups – dung beetles, treehoppers, and ambrosia beetles – to understand the genetic and developmental underpinnings of the origin and morphological diversification of evolutionary novelty. The Kijimoto lab welcomes anyone who is interested in studying how organisms develop into diverse forms. It is also open to proposals to use other research systems.    Download CV