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Mehta, Sunidhi

Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising

Sunidhi Mehta is an Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design. She earned her Ph.D. in Textile Science. She has 5 years of national and international teaching experience. In addition, she has also worked as a Lab Director at Center for Merchandising and Design Technology (CMDT) lab at Central Michigan University for two years; where she extensively used Thermal Manikin, Sweating Guarded HotPlate, biofeedback system, FLIR thermal imaging system, 3D body scanner, walk-in environmental chamber, and Scanning Electron Microscopy for research projects.

She has worked with various apparel and textile industry corporations like Adidas, Nike, Cotton Incorporated, Carhartt, and Sleep studio along with federal agencies such as USDA, Northern India Textile Research Association (NITRA), Ministry of Textiles, and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Dr. Mehta takes interdisciplinary approach to her research projects. Her research interests are in the areas of sustainable product innovation, novel applications of nano-chemistry in textile surface modification, neurophysiology and consumer behavior. Specifically, she has developed hydrophobic and oleophobic textile materials; chemically protective PPE for pesticide workers; aroma-therapeutic textiles and their psychophysiological analysis of stress relief. She has received funding from various industry corporations and federal agencies to support her research program.

Select Publications

  1. Mehta, S. An Experimental Investigation on Optimizing Liquid Repellency of Fluorochemical Urethane Finish and Its Effect on the Physical Properties of Polyester/Cotton Blended Fabric.  Fibers  20208, 72.

  2. Mehta, S. (2018). Optimization of Fluorochemical Finish Concentration for Liquid Repellency Treatment of 100% Cotton Fabric and Resulting Physical Properties. AATCC Journal of Research, 5 (5), 15-22. doi:10.14504/ajr.5.5.3
  3. MacGillivray, M. and Mehta, S. (2017). Increasing Functionality of Textiles with β-Cyclodextrin: Aroma-therapeutic Textiles as Example. American Association of Chemist and Colorist International Conference 2017.
  4. Mehta, S., & MacGillivray, M. (2016). Analysis of Stress Relief Effect by use of Aroma-therapeutic Textiles. AATCC Journal of Research, 3 (5), 38-44. DOI:10.14504/ajr.3.5.4
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