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Welsh, Stuart

Adjunct Professor of Ichthyology

Assistant Unit Leader – Fisheries
Stuart Welsh is an Adjunct Professor of Ichthyology in the Wildlife and Fisheries Resources program at WVU. He is also a Research Fisheries Biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey where he serves as the Assistant Unit Leader of the West Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit.  He earned a B.S. in Wildlife Resources from West Virginia University, an M.S. in Fisheries Management from Frostburg State University, and a Ph.D. in Forest Resource Science from West Virginia University.  Stuart has been at WVU since 2000.  His research interests include the natural history, ecology, zoogeography, and systematics of fishes and crayfishes. Specifically, he is interested in the natural history, ecology, and geographic distributions of native and nonnative species, habitat relationships, movement and migration ecology, and taxonomy and systematics. He has published more than 60 scientific articles and served as an advisor to more than 30 graduate students. He teaches a graduate level class in ichthyology at WVU.


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