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Selin, Steven

Professor Emeritus of Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources

Steven Selin is a Professor in the School of Natural Resources at WVU. He earned a B.S. in forest management from the University of Maine, an M.S. in Outdoor Teacher Education from Northern Illinois University, and a Ph.D. in Recreation Resource Management from the University of Oregon. Dr. Selin has been at WVU since 1992. His research interests include integrating human dimension knowledge into conservation decision-making, public participation in planning, collaborative governance processes, strengthening public-private partnerships, landscape-level conservation, operationalizing sustainable recreation, and social network analysis methodologies. In particular, he is interested in evaluating agency adoption of participatory planning and management systems and processes. His work has been published across a broad range of disciplinary journals including the Journal of Forestry, Environmental Management, Annals of Tourism, Journal of Extension, and the Journal of Sustainable Tourism. He teaches several courses including Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management, Tourism Planning, and Participatory Management of Natural Resources. Dr. Selin is married to Jenny and have raised three kids in Morgantown (Katie, Kari, Kristen). If not teaching or researching at WVU, you can find Steve kayaking, skiing or hiking across West “By God” Virginia and beyond.


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