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Grushecky, Shawn

Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Energy Land Management

Shawn Grushecky is currently an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Energy Land Management in the School of Natural Resources at West Virginia University. He received a PhD in Forest Resource Science from the WVU School of Natural Resources. Shawn led the development of the curriculum and degree program in Energy Land Management, which is one of only twelve programs accredited by the American Association of Professional Landmen. Shawn maintains an active research program in the area of natural resource and related energy development and has been the investigator or co-investigator on research grants totaling over $4 million while with WVU. Currently, Shawn’s research and outreach is mainly in the areas of energy development and land management as well as natural resource enterprises.

Select Publications

  1. Strager, M. P., A. Hentz, S. Grushecky, P. Kinder. 2020. An Analysis of Surface Runoff from Gas Well Pad Development Using UAV Imagery. Journal of American Society of Mining and Reclamation
  2. Caterino, B.C., J.L. Schuler, S.T. Grushecky, and J.G. Skousen. 2020 Early Growth and Survival of Shrub Willow on Newly Reclaimed Mine Soil. New Forests (Submitted August 2019, Revised Dec 2019)
  3. Quesada, H., Adhikari, S., Bond, B., & Grushecky, S. T. 2019. Analysis of Hardwood Lumber Grade Yields Using Monte Carlo Simulation. BioResources, 14(1), 2029-2050.
  4. Hassler, C. C., Grushecky, S. T., Osborn, L. E., & McNeel, J. F. 2019. Hardwood Log Grading in the United States—Part 1: A Historical Perspective. Forest Products Journal, 69(2), 110-123.
  5. Hassler, C. C., Osborn, L. E., Grushecky, S. T., & McNeel, J. F. 2019. Hardwood Log Grading in the United States—Part II: United States Forest Service Log Grades and the Hardwood Industry. Forest Products Journal, 69(2), 124-130.
  6. Grushecky, S.T., L. McDonald, and L. Osborn. 2019. The use of woods-run chips in filter socks to control erosion and sedimentation during petroleum development in the Appalachian Basin. Inter. J. Sed. Res. , 34(6), 608-615
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