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Butler, Peter

Director of Design and Community Development 
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
Extension Specialist in Landscape Architecture

Peter Butler joined the WVU faculty in 2008. Prior to coming to Morgantown, Butler obtained his bachelor of arts in English and creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in landscape architecture from Iowa State University. His research interests include cultural landscape research and planning; community design process; industrial landscape reclamation and interpretation; and design studio pedagogy. His research projects include cultural landscape inventory, analysis and treatment; visualization; brownfields reclamation; land use planning; historic transportation corridor planning; and participatory design methods.

Select Publications

  1. Butler, P., Yuill, C. “Appalachian Landscape and Architecture through the Lens of Extraction” 3rd International Landscape Archaeology Conference (to be published, 2016)
  2. Campbell, A., Butler, P., Hosogaki, A., Chu, J. 2014. “Reimagining a Sustainable Future for Mine-Scarred Lands.” Council of Educators of Landscape Architecture (CELA). In Landscape Research Record No.1. Austin TX. pp.201-213. ISBN 978-0-9853013-2-3 
  3. Butler, P., Yuill, C., Kinder, P. Riley, A., Cameron, N. 2013. “Brownfields Planning And Design In Appalachia: Context, Process and Visualizing Change” in Berney, Rachel, editor.  Urban Nature, the Proceedings of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Conference 2011. pp. 563-582. Los Angeles: Figueroa Press. 
  4. Butler, P., Campbell, A., Chu, J., Riley, A. 2013. “Making Visible Alternative Futures on Mine-scarred Lands in Appalachia.” The Visibility of Research. Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC). 2013. pp. 88-95. Charlotte, NC. ISBN 978-0-615-78533-2
  5. Butler, P. 2012. “’Fieldwork’: Pedagogic Approaches to the Experience of Travel and Place.” Emergent Placemaking- Environmental Design Research Association 43 (EDRA) 2012. pp. 29-34. Seattle. (Refereed Full Paper)
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