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Zegre, Nicolas

Associate Professor of Forest Hydrology

I am an associate professor of forest hydrology and director of the West Virginia University Mountain Hydrology Laboratory. In this lab, we focus on aspects of water resources with a particular emphasis on land surface and atmospheric processes, patterns, and trends to ultimately understand how mountain freshwater ecosystems and services respond to environmental change and climate change. As a researcher and educator, I am broadly interested in the interaction between humans and the environment and the role that water plays as a shared experience, integrator, and common language between people and for communicating science. I have BS in Forest Resources Management (WVU 2000), a MS in Forest Sciences with focus in hydrology (Virginia Tech 2003), and a PhD in Forest Engineering with a focus in Hydrology (Oregon State 2008). I adamantly believe that the lines between my work and play lives should be fuzzy, and working as a research hydrologist and educator allows me to pursue my passion for exploration in the form of experimentation, teaching, whitewater kayaking, surfing, and global travel.

Select Publications

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