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Strager, Mike

Davis-Michael Professor of Resource Economics   

Dr. Strager is a spatial scientist who uses appropriate spatial and decision analysis techniques to aid in the analysis and management of natural resources. He has applied Geographic Information Systems, spatial analysis, and remote sensing for forestry, water quality, wildlife, recreation and conservation planning. Much of his work has resulted in the development of spatial decision support to aid in prioritizing areas, evaluating alternatives and examining trade-offs when managing natural resources.

He is the program director of the Graduate Certificate in GIS and Spatial Analysis and is a faculty research associate with the Natural Resource Analysis Center.

Select Publications

  1. Oliver, M., M. P. Strager. 2020. A Spatial Analysis of high and low farmer participation in the USDA NRCS Conservation Technical Assistance Program. Journal of Water and Soil Conservation. IN PRESS.
  2. Strager, M. P., A. M. Klein Hentz, P. Kinder, S. Grushecky. 2020. Using unmanned aerial vehicles to model surface runoff during well pad development. Journal of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation. ISSN Number 2328-8744. Vol 9, No. 1.pp. 51-69.
  3. Pourmohammadi, P., D. Adjeroh, and M. P. Strager. 2020. Predicting developed land expansion using deep convolutional neural network. Environmental Modeling and Software. IN PRESS.
  4. Strager, M. P.  2019. GIS&T and Natural Resource Management. The Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge (4th Quarter 2019 Edition), John P. Wilson (ed.). DOI: 10.22224/gistbok/2019.4.2
  5. Strager, M. P.  2018. Protecting Surface Water Drinking Supplies in WV with Zones of Critical Concern. West Virginia Emergency Management Approaches. In Valcik, N., and D. Dean – (Eds.), Using Geospatial Information Systems for Public Organizations. Chapter 9, pp. 266-290. Routledge/ Taylor and Francis, New York, NY.
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