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Gigliotti, Laura

Laura Gigliotti
(304) 293-4810 313-D Percival Hall

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Assistant Unit Leader – Wildlife
Laura Gigliotti is an assistant unit leader of wildlife with the West Virginia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, and an adjunct assistant professor with the Wildlife and Fisheries Resource Program at WVU. Prior to joining the WV Unit in 2022, Laura received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Colby College, a Master of Science in wildlife and fisheries science from the Pennsylvania State University, a doctorate in wildlife and fisheries biology from Clemson University, and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at U.C. Berkeley. She uses a combination of long-term datasets, targeted field studies, and spatial and demographic modelling to answer ecologically- and management-relevant questions. In particular, she conducts research related to species interactions, predator-prey ecology, wildlife responses to habitat management and anthropogenic disturbance, and linkages between habitat use and demography. She studies a variety of mammalian species both nationally and internationally (in South Africa), with a particular focus on carnivores and large game species.