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Matak, Kristen

Professor of Animal and Nutritional Sciences

Matak’s research program lies within the field of Food Science, with an emphasis in two main areas: food safety and nutritionally-enhanced foods. Her lab explores the strengths and limitations of alternative processing and preservation technologies with a focus on microbial reduction for increased safety and shelf-life of foods. They also explore the effect of these processes on quality indicators and sensory properties of food. Other research in her lab includes the development of a series of value-added products enhanced with omega-3 fatty acids, reduced sodium and/or increased dietary fiber. Specific components of these studies include: shelf-life studies, sensory tests, consumer studies, texture analysis, etc.


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  2. 2018    Warren, D., Paker, I., Jaczynski, J. and K. Matak. Nutritional quality and physical characteristics of soluble proteins recovered from silver carp. Journal of Food Science 83(7):1970-1979.
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  5. 2016     Ronaghi, M., Beamer, S., Jaczynski, J., and K.E. Matak*. A Comparison of the Bactericidal Effectiveness of Hydrochloric and Acetic Acid on Staphylococcus aureus in Silver Carp during a pH-shift Protein Recovery Process. LWT: Food Science and Technology 66:239-243.
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