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Blemings, Ken

Dean of the WVU Honors College
Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry

Ken Blemings was born and raised in western New Jersey where he was involved in 4H and FFA.  He earned his BS degree at Virginia Tech in Animal Science and went on to do his graduate work at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Upon completion of his graduate studies, Dr. Blemings worked at a post-doctoral associate at Wisconsin until taking a position in West Virginia University’s Division of Animal and Nutritional Sciences in 1999.  He taught courses in the undergraduate and graduate biochemistry curriculum.  Dr. Blemings made important contributions to the growth of the undergraduate biochemistry program at WVU.  Research in the Blemings’ laboratory focused on understanding the degradation of the amino acid lysine and how that degradation is regulated.  Decreasing the degradation of lysine will increase the efficiency of lysine use for protein synthesis and decrease costs of many diets commonly fed to livestock species.

Dr. Blemings has been recognized as an outstanding advisor at the college level.  Additionally, he was recognized as the outstanding Honors advisor for the university.  His teaching accolades include recognition as a WVU Foundation Outstanding Teaching award and an APLU/USDA Regional Teaching Award.  

After his promotion to full professor in 2010, Dr. Blemings assumed more administrative responsibilities serving as the Assistant Director of the Division for academic affairs.  In 2014, Dr. Blemings was appointed the Interim Dean of the Honors College at West Virginia University and then the permanent dean in 2015.