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Gazal, Kathryn Arano

Associate Professor of Forest Resources Management

Kathryn Arano Gazal is currently an Associate Professor of Forest Economics and Management in the Forest Resources Management Program, School of Natural Resources at West Virginia University (WVU). She received her BS and MS degrees in forestry from the University of the Philippines Los Banos and her PhD degree from Mississippi State University. She was hired as an assistant professor at WVU in 2004 and has taught courses in Principles of Forestry Economics, Forest Valuation and Investment, Renewable Natural Resources Policy and Governance and Global Forest Resources. Her research work includes examining investment behavior of private forest landowners, forest taxation, urban forestry, export activities of forest products companies in West Virginia, e-commerce and social media use in the forest products industry, and Marcellus shale drilling impacts on forest products industry and private forest landowners’ behavior.


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