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Deng, Jinyang

Professor of Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources

Dr. Deng is a Professor in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Resources Program, School of Natural Resources, West Virginia University. He received his Ph.D. in Recreation and Leisure Studies from the University of Alberta, Canada. Dr. Deng’s current research interests focus on ecotourism, tourism planning, rural tourism, and urban forests. He explores subjects such as environmental attitudes and behaviors among ecotourists, GIS applications in recreation and tourism, stakeholders’ attitudes towards rural tourism, and scenic beauty and recreational benefits associated with urban forests. Dr. Deng’s research has been funded by the USDA, Appalachian Regional Commission, Department of Commerce of West Virginia, and Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. His research has been published in Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Leisure Sciences, Journal of Leisure Research, Journal of Environmental Management, Environment and Behavior, Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, and other outlets. Dr. Deng is an associate editor of Journal of Park and Recreation Administration and a reviewer for over 50 academic journals. He also serves on the editorial board of Tourism Analysis and EurAsian Journal of BioSciences.

Select Publications

  1. Deng, J., King, B., & Bauer, T. (2002). Evaluating natural attractions for tourism. Annals of Tourism Research, 29 (2), 422-438.
  2. Deng, J., & Li, J. (2015). Self-identification of ecotourists. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 23 (2), 255-279.
  3. Deng, J., Walker, G., & Strager, M. (2008). Assessment of territorial justice using GIS: A case study of distribution equity of golf courses in Calgary, Canada. Leisure / Loisir: The Journal of the Canadian Association for Leisure Studies, 32(1), 203-230.
  4. Deng, J., Walker, G.J., & Swinnerton, G. (2006). Comparison of environmental values and attitudes between Chinese in Canada and Anglo-Canadians. Environment and Behavior, 38 (1), 22-47.
  5. Idami, I., Deng, J., Burns, R., & Pierskalla, C. (2014). Identifying and mapping forest-based ecotourism areas in West Virginia -Incorporating visitors’ preferences. Tourism Management, 42, 165-176.
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