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Wang, Jingxin

Courtesy Appointment Professor
Dr. Jingxin Wang received his degrees in Forest/Mechanical Engineering from Northeast Forestry University, China. He received a M.S. in Computer Science from West Virginia University, and a Ph.D. in Forest Resource Management from the University of Georgia, USA. He has taught forest and biomass harvesting logistics and analysis, computing applications in forest and natural resources for both undergraduate and graduate students for more than 20 years. His research interests include biomass energy and bioproducts, forest carbon management and decarbonized bioeconomy, computer simulation and system modeling, and forest ecosystem services and climate change. Dr. Wang has authored or coauthored 200 refereed papers, and 12 books or book chapters. Currently, he is a leading PI for several USDA and USDOE biomass energy and bioproducts projects. He has served as an editorial board member and associate editor for four international journals. He is an active member in six international professional societies.


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