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Tou, Janet

Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods

Tou’s research area of interests are investigating bioactive dietary compounds (including omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols) and their therapeutic role in diseases such as osteoporosis, polycystic kidney disease, and fatty liver disease as well as determining potential biochemical/molecular mechanisms of actions.  My food science interest is determining the nutritional value of edible plants and novel sources of protein.


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  2. Durbin SM, Jackson J, Ryan MJ, Gigliotti JC, Alway SE, Tou JC. (2014) Resveratrol supplementation influences bone properties in ambulatory and hindlimb suspended old Fisher 344 x Brown Norway male rats.  J Bone Miner Metab 32:38-47.
  3. Maditz KH, Benedito VA, Oldaker C, Nanda N, Lateef SS, Livengood R, Tou JC. (2015) Feeding soy protein isolate and n-3 PUFA affects polycystic liver disease in a PCK rat model of autosomal polycystic kidney disease.  J Pediatr Gastroentrol Nutr 60:467-473.
  4. Bridges K, Gigliotti JC, Altman S, Jaczynski J, Tou JC . (2011) Determination of digestibility, tissue deposition, and metabolism of omega-3 fatty acids derived from krill protein concentrate in growing rats.  J Agric Food Chem 58:2830-2837.
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