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Jaczynski, Jacek

Professor of Food Science and Muscle Food Safety

Dr. Jaczynski earned PhD in Food Science and Technology from Oregon State University in 2002.  He joined West Virginia University as a tenure track Assistant Professor in 2002.  He was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2008 and to Professor in 2013.  Dr. Jaczynski’s research interest is focused on food safety and food biochemistry.  He investigates inactivation kinetics of common foodborne pathogens as a basis for predictive microbiology modeling.  Dr. Jaczynski uses various food matrices in his food safety research as well as different inactivation technologies with an emphasis on electron beam.  He seeks to understand isoelectric behavior of food proteins so that efficient protein isolation techniques can be developed.  In this area, Dr. Jaczynski works with under-utilized species such as krill and insects as well as various food animal processing by-products.  His interest is also related to fundamental properties of food lipids in order to extract them from unconventional sources.  Dr. Jaczynski develops food prototypes and designs isolation/extraction technologies.  Dr. Jaczynski teaches about four hundred students annually.  He teaches food science and human nutrition courses during regular fall and spring semesters in a face-to-face format.  Dr. Jaczynski has also been teaching his courses in a fully online environment during summer semesters.  His courses span from entry-level freshman classes, through sophomore as well as senior and graduate-level courses.  He teaches more focused, low enrollment classes as well as medium and large enrollment courses with General Education Foundation status. 


In addition to authoring and co-authoring peer-reviewed research articles, he has published refereed book chapters and was granted one patent and a trademark.  He has been actively involved in food science professional organizations, particularly Institute of Food Technologists.  He has also participated as a scientific expert witness in intellectual property matters.  



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  2. Matak KE, Tahergorabi R, Jaczynski* J. 2015. A review: Protein isolates recovered by isoelectric solubilization/precipitation processing from muscle food by-products as a component of nutraceutical foods. Food Research International 77(4):697-703 (impact: 3.182, rank: 18/125).
  3. Tahergorabi R, Jaczynski J, Matak* KE. 2014. Electron Beam Inactivation of Foodborne Pathogens with an Emphasis on Salmonella. In: Gomez-Lopez VM, Bhat R, editors. Practical Food Safety: Contemporary Issues and Future Directions. Heboken: Wiley Blackwell Publishing. p 451-471.
  4. Tesfai AT, Beamer SK, Matak KE, Jaczynski* J. 2011. Radioresistance development of DNA repair deficient Escherichia coli DH5α in ground beef subjected to electron beam at sub-lethal doses. International Journal of Radiation Biology 87(6):571-578 (impact: 1.779, rank: 3/32).
  5. Jaczynski* J. 2010. Continuous protein and lipid recovery from food animal processing byproducts. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Patent number 7,763,717.
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