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Holásková, Ida


Major focus of my daily work is application of rigorous statistical methods to research data generated at West Virginia University (WVU), an R1 institution. I manage and serve as a primary consulting statistician to nearly 250 faculty and graduates students at Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design (DCANRD). In this position I provide consultations about aspects of statistical design, surveys, laboratory, greenhouse, field and clinical trials, as well as individual training in data preparation and analyses for DCANRD graduate students conducting thesis and dissertation research. I conduct and report results of specific statistical analyses, I assist with statistical aspect of reviewing manuscripts and with manuscript preparation. In addition, as a member of the reproductive physiology graduate faculty I mentor graduate students through my serving on MS and PhD committees and participate in college seminars and journal clubs.

Secondary focus of my work is my research collaboration with John Barnett, as an adjunct faculty at Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cell Biology (DMICB) at WVU, on evaluation of mammalian immune system and its function in response to xenobiotic agents. Specifically, we are testing sex-specific effect of prenatal exposure to pesticide atrazine, also heavy metal cadmium on immune function in mice, through mimicking mainly environmental exposure from drinking water. My additional collaborative effort is determination of sex-specific effects of herbicide propanil on interactions of immune and reproductive functions in mice. I am involved in a current project including the PIs, immunologist Rosana Schafer and Jennifer Franko (DMICB) as well as reproductive physiology expert, Robert Dailey at Division of Animal and Nutritional Sciences.

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