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Hwang, Julian

Assistant Professor of Resource Economics

Dr. Julian J. Hwang is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Resource Economics and Management.  He earned his BBA and MS from Mississippi State University and PhD from the University of Florida.  Prior to joining West Virginia University, he was a Professor of Practice in the School of Earth, Environmental, and Earth Sciences at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.  He also served as the Chief Economist for the Louisiana Workforce Commission and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  Dr. Hwang’s research interests focus on economic assessment of public policies to solve complex social issues and improve social welfare using survey and experimental research methods.  His research efforts particularly focus on how the environment and environmental policies affect people, society, and economy.  His recent research projects include valuation of policies to restore coastal wetlands and improve ecosystem services; economics of natural hazards such as hurricane insurance and mitigation in the coastal areas; benefit-cost analysis for a policy to prevent foodborne Vibrio vulnificus; consumer preferences for seafood; and economic values of outdoor recreational activities such as fishing.


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