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Ghadimi, Hodjat

Associate Professor of Design & Landscape Architecture

Hodjat Ghadimi is Associate Professor in School of Design and Community Development at the Davis College of West Virginia University. Professor Ghadimi is also a Faculty Research Associate in the Regional Research Institute. He received his Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning focusing on international development planning from the Ohio State University (Ph.D. 1993, MCRP 1987, Ohio State University, and BS 1979, Architecture, Lawrence Technological University). Professor Ghadimi’s fields of interests are in development planning, energy-built environment-economy interaction modeling, economic development in energy-rich regions, and creativity and innovation in urban and regional economies.  Among his current areas of research are development patterns of energy-rich regions around the world, the transition of exhaustible resource-based economies to a diversified and creative economy, and ecological community and urban design and development.  He also has acquired significant expertise in computable general equilibrium (CGE) modeling, and he is interested in the interface between the rigor of the social sciences and the creativity of design. Dr. Ghadimi’s recently completed research include PI on a NSF funded project titled “ The Technology, Energy, Economy, and Environment (TEEE) Chain: Integrated Modeling for Technology Transition in Energy-Rich Regions” and co-PI on a USDA-funded project titled "Economic and Environmental Impacts of Woody Biomass Utilization in the Central Appalachian Region."


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