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Boone, Harry

Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Extension Education

Dr. Harry Boone was a Professor and Chair of Agricultural and Extension Education in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design. Dr. Boone earned a Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Agricultural Education from West Virginia University. He earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Agricultural Education with an emphasis in Teacher Education and Research/Statistics from The Ohio State University. Dr. Boone prior employment included a high school agricultural education teacher in Greenbrier County (WV) (nine years), Evaluation Specialist with the Council of State Governments (seven years), and Director of the West Virginia Statistical Analysis Center (two years). He recently completed his seventeenth year on faculty in Agricultural and Extension Education. Dr. Boone has been active at the University, State, and National levels including: Chair of the Davis College Executive Committee (2010-2014), Editor, Journal of Agricultural Education (2016-2018), President, North Central Region American Association for Agricultural Educators (AAAE) (201 6-201), Editor, The Agricultural Education Magazine (2010-2015), and member ESCOP Social Science Subcommittee (2014- present).


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