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Rowen, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor of Entomology 

Ph.D. 2020 Penn State University, Department of Entomology 

M.S. 2015 Purdue University, Department of Entomology 

B.A. 2011 Wellesley College, Biology 

My lab studies the connections between soil and animal management (pastures, cover crops, and fertilization), plants, and insects in agricultural systems. Our current projects include 1) characterizing the dung beetle communities of WV to understand how landscape and management shape their distribution and abundance, 2) quantifying the effects of anti-parasite products given to cows on dung beetles, 3) exploring the effects of climate-change induced precipitation on dung beetles, and 4) comparing different types of manure management practices on insect pests and predators in organic field crop systems. I am also interested in using meta-analyses to find emergent relationships between soil management practices and pest management in agricultural systems.


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  2. Rowen, E, Tooker, J. (2022) The effect of zinc fertilizer on maize growth, leaf mineral nutrition, and caterpillar herbivory. Arthropod-Plant Interactions.
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  5. Rowen, E, Regan K, Barbercheck M, Tooker J. (2020) Tillage in agriculture: Is it costly or beneficial for pest management? Agriculture, Ecosystem and Environment, 294: 106849
  6. Rowen, E, Tooker, J. (2020) Fertilizing corn with manure decreases caterpillar performance but increases slug damage. Environmental Entomology, 49:141–150.
  7. Rowen E, Tooker J, and Blubaugh C. (2019) Soil fertility management to promote arthropod pest suppression. Biological Control 134: 130–140.
  8. Rowen E, Gutensohn M, Doudareva N, Kaplan I. (2017) Carnivore attractant or plant elicitor? Multifunctional roles of methyl salicylate lures on tomato (Solanum lycospersicum) defense. Journal of Chemical Ecology. 43: 572–585
  9. Rowen E, & Kaplan, I (2016). Eco‐evolutionary factors drive induced plant volatiles: a meta‐analysis. New Phytologist. 210: 284–294 
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