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Rota, Christopher

Assistant Professor of Wildlife & Fisheries Resources

Dr. Rota’s research addresses diverse questions in applied vertebrate ecology.  A common link throughout his research is the application and development of modern statistical techniques that capture many of the myriad processes giving rise to ecological data sets.

Select Publications

  1. Rota, C.T., A.J. Wolf, R.B. Renken, R.A. Gitzen, D.K. Fantz, R.A. Montgomery, M.G. Olson, L.D. Vangilder, and J.J. Millspaugh. In press. Long-term impacts of three forest management strategies on herpetofauna abundance in the Missouri Ozarks. Forest Ecology and Management DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2016.07.032.
  2. Kays, R., A.W. Parsons, M.C. Baker, E.L. Kalies, T. Forrester, R. Costello, C.T. Rota, J.J. Millspaugh, and W.J. McShea. In press. Does recreation or hunting affect wildlife communities in protected areas?  Journal of Applied Ecology DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12700.
  3. Rota, C.T., M.A.R. Ferreira, R.W. Kays, T.D. Forrester, E.L. Kalies, W.J. McShea, A.W. Parsons, and J.J. Millspaugh. In press. A multi-species occupancy model for two or more interacting species. Methods in Ecology and Evolution DOI: 10.1111/2041-210X.12587.
  4. Lehman, C.P., M.A. Rumble, C.T. Rota, B.J. Bird, D.T. Fogarty, G.C. Brundige, and J.J. Millspaugh. 2016. Elk resource selection at parturition sites in the Black Hills, South Dakota. Journal of Wildlife Management 80:465-478.
  5. Rota, C.T., C.K. Wikle, R.W. Kays, T.D. Forrester, W.J. McShea, A.W. Parsons, and J.J. Millspaugh. 2016. A two-species occupancy model accommodating simultaneous spatial and interspecific dependence. Ecology 97:48-53.
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