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Lituma, Christopher

Assistant Professor of Wildlife and Fisheries Resources

Lituma’s research interests focus on grassland and early-successional bird population ecology, landscape conservation ecology, and how conservation practices affect bird populations. He is also interested in understanding how continued human population expansion and the wildland-urban interface will affect the significance of private lands in avian conservation, as well as the full life-cycle conservation and understating avian population dynamics during migration and on wintering grounds. He earned his bachelor’s in biology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, a master’s in wildlife and fisheries sciences from Texas A&M University, and a doctorate in natural resources from the University of Tennessee.

Select Publications

  1. Lituma, C. M., and D. A. Buehler. 2016. Minimal bias in surveys of grassland birds from roadsides. The Condor: Ornithological Applications 118: 715-727.
  2. Keyser, P. D., E. D. Holcomb, J. C. Waller, G. E. Bates, and C. M. Lituma. 2016. Forage attributes and animal performance from native grass pastures inter-seeded with red clover. Agronomy Journal 108: 373-383.
  3. West, A. S., P. D. Keyser, C. M. Lituma, D. A. Buehler, R. D. Applegate, J. Morgan. 2016. Grasslands bird occupancy of native warm-season grass. Journal of Wildlife Management 80: 1081-1090.
  4. Campomizzi, A. J., H. A. Mathewson, M. L. Morrison, C. M. Lituma, T. J. Conkling, M. C. Cocimano, S. L. Farrell, R. N. Wilkins, and J. A. Butcher. 2013. Understanding nest success and brood parasitism in the endangered black-capped vireo: Comparison with two sympatric songbirds. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 125: 709-720.
  5. Lituma, C. M., M. L. Morrison and J. D. Whiteside. 2012. Restoration of grasslands and nesting success of dickcissels (Spiza americana). The Southwestern Naturalist 57: 138-143.
  6. Butcher, J. A., J. E. Groce, C. M. Lituma, M. C., Cocimano, Y. Sanchez-Johnson, A. J. Campomizzi, T. L. Pope, K. S. Reyna, and A. C. S. Knipps. 2007. Persistent controversy in statistical approaches in wildlife sciences: A perspective of students. Journal of Wildlife Management 71: 2142-2144.
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