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Kelly, Charlene

Teaching Associate Professor of Forest Resources Management

Program Coordinator for Environmental Soil and Water Sciences
Soil physical, chemical, and biological properties are strong indicators of ecosystem function and health.  Dr. Kelly’s research program seeks to understand the effects of land management practices on soil properties, processes, and function in order to promote sustained soil fertility, water quality, and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.  Specific management activities of interest include forest management, ecological restoration, tree species shifts/selections, soil amendments, and riparian management zones.  Specific indicators of interest include carbon and nutrient cycling, soil microbial activity, watershed biogeochemistry and ion transport in water, ecosystem water use, and soil physical properties such as stable aggregate formation. Most recent research projects include: 1) the interactive effect of climate change and forest management on water yield; 2) ecosystem changes in carbon, nitrogen, and water availability following American chestnut restoration in the eastern deciduous forest; and 3) mitigating nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils using prescribed grazing. Courses I teach at WVU include Forest Management. Forest Soils, and Natural Resources of West Virginia.


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