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Arantes, Carol

Assistant Professor of Wildlife and Fisheries 

Carol Arantes’s research examines the ecology and management of fish and fisheries in relation to environmental changes processes affecting freshwater ecosystems, including ecosystem alteration and fishing pressure. Dr. Arantes research applies a range of interdisciplinary approaches with the aim to advance scientific knowledge that offers solutions to fish and fisheries conservation problems at local, regional and global levels. In the last years, Carol has developed extensive research addressing the effects of overfishing, deforestation, and hydropower dams on fish assemblages and populations and fishery yields in Amazonian floodplain rivers. She earned her PhD in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University (USA), her Masters in Applied Zoology (UESC, Brazil), and Bachelors in Oceanography (UERJ, Brazil), and was a Research Associate at the Michigan State University, Center for Global Change and Earth Observations (MSU).


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