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Shen, Cangliang

Assistant Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods
Extension Specialist, Food System and Human Health

Dr. Cangliang Shen is an Assistant Professor/Extension Specialist at Davis College, Animal & Nutritional Science and Families & Health Center at West Virginia University. Dr. Shen worked at IEH Consulting Groups, USDA-ARS, and Western Kentucky University as postdoctoral research microbiologist and assistant professor of microbiology after obtaining his Ph.D. from Colorado State University. Dr. Shen is currently teaching undergraduate/graduate level microbiology course including general microbiology lecture with lab, and food microbiology lab. Dr. Shen’ research interest is in developing postharvest sanitizing procedures for reducing food safety risks on poultry meat products and fresh produce at both the laboratory and pilot plant levels. Dr. Shen has published 23 papers in peer-review food microbiology journals and has presented 31 times in national or international food science conferences. 

Select Publications

1. Jeremy Adler, Erin Cain-Helfrich, and Cangliang Shen* . 2016. Reductions in Natural Microbial Flora, Generic Escherichia coli and Pathogenic Salmonella on Jalapeno Peppers Processed in a Commercial Antimicrobial Cabinet-A Pilot Plant Trial. Journal of Food Protection. 79: 1854-1859. (*corresponding author)   

2. Cangliang Shen*, Amanda McKeith, Courtney Broyles, and Russell McKeith. 2016. Quality attributes and thermal inactivation of shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in moisture enhanced, non-intact beef products are affected by pump rate, internal temperature, and resting time after cooking. Food Control. 68:112-117. (*corresponding author)

3. Li Wang, Amanda McKeith, Cangliang Shen*, Kelsey Carter, Alyssa Huff, Russell McKeith, Xinxia Zhang, and Zhengxing Chen. 2016. Effect of hops beta acids on survival of unstressed-, acid-stress adapted Listeria monocytogenes, quality and sensory attributes of commercially cured ham. Journal of Food Science. 81:M445-M453. (*corresponding author)

4. Cangliang Shen, Pauline Norris, Olivia Williams, Stephanie Hagan, and KaWang Li. 2016. Generation of chlorine by-products in simulated wash water. Food Chemistry. 190: 97-102.


Cangliang Shen and Yifan Zhang. Food Microbiology Laboratory for the Food Science Student: A Practical Approach. 2017. Springer. (In progress)

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