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Shen, Cangliang

Associate Professor of Human Nutrition and Foods
Extension Specialist, Food System and Human Health

Dr. Cangliang Shen is an Associate Professor/Extension Specialist at Davis College, Division of Animal & Nutritional Sciences and Family & Community Development, West Virginia University. Dr. Shen worked at IEH Consulting Groups (Research Associate), USDA-ARS (Postdoctoral Research Microbiologist), and Western Kentucky University (Assistant Professor) after obtaining his Ph.D. from Colorado State University. Dr. Shen is currently teaching General Microbiology, Food Microbiology Lab, and Food Chemistry courses. Dr. Shen’s research interest is in developing postharvest sanitizing procedures for reducing food safety risks on poultry meat products and fresh produce. Dr. Shen has published 49 journal articles, 2 textbooks, and 2 book chapters, and secured USDA-NIFA grants over $3.0 million. Dr. Shen serves as the editorial board member of Journal of Food Protection and Food Protection Trends. Dr. Shen received Outstanding Volunteer Award of Food Microbiology Division-Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) in 2018. He was the Chair of Food Microbiology Division-IFT in 2019-2020 and he is the Chair of Biotechnology Division-IFT in 2022-2023.



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Text Book
  • Cangliang Shen and Yifan Zhang. Food Microbiology Laboratory for the Food Science Student: A Practical Approach. 2017. Springer. •ISBN 9783319583716
  • Cangliang Shen and Yifan Zhang. Introductory Microbiology Lab Skill and Techniques in Food Science. 2021. Elsevier Inc. ISBN 9780128216781.

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