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Kenney, P. Brett

Professor of Food Science

Dr. Brett Kenney earned a bachelor of science degree in animal science from West Virginia University, a master of science degree in food science from Oklahoma State University and a doctorate in animal science/meat science from Kansas State University. In animal science, aquaculture and food science, he has expertise in several areas, such as, seafood science and technology, fish products, unsaturated fatty acids, meat science, etc. Dr. Kenney manages the Davis College Meat Lab.

Select Publications

  1. A. Ali, R. Al-Tobasei, B. Kenney, T.D. Leeds, and M. Salem, Integrated analysis of lncRNA and mRNA expression in rainbow trout families showing variation in muscle growth and fillet quality traits. Sci Rep 8 (2018) 12111.
  2. Curtis C. Crouse, John W. Davidson, Christopher M. Good, Travis C. May, Steven T. Summerfelt, P. Brett Kenney, Timothy D. Leeds, and Beth M. Cleveland. 2018. Growth and fillet quality attributes of five genetic strains of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) reared in a partial water reuse system and harvested at different sizes. Aqua. Research 49(4):1672-1681.
  3. John W. Davidson, P. Brett Kenney, Frederic T. Barrows, Christopher Good, and Steven T. Summerfelt. 2018. Fillet quality and processing attributes of postsmolt Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar, fed a fishmeal‐free diet and a fishmeal‐based diet in recirculation aquaculture systems. J. World Aqua. Society 49(1):183-196.
  4. B. Paneru, A. Ali, R. Al-Tobasei, B. Kenney, and M. Salem, Crosstalk among lncRNAs, microRNAs and mRNAs in the muscle 'degradome' of rainbow trout. Sci Rep 8 (2018) 8416.
  5. M. Salem, R. Al-Tobasei, A. Ali, D. Lourenco, G. Gao, Y. Palti, B. Kenney, and T.D. Leeds, Genome-Wide Association Analysis With a 50K Transcribed Gene SNP-Chip Identifies QTL Affecting Muscle Yield in Rainbow Trout. Frontiers in Genetics 9 (2018).
  6. Cleveland, Beth M., Timothy D. Leeds, Caird E. Rexroad III, Steven T. Summerfelt, Christopher M. Good, John W. Davidson, Travis May, Curtis Crouse, William R. Wolters, Bryan Plemmons, and P. Brett Kenney. 2017. Genetic line by environment interaction on rainbow trout growth and processing traits. North American J. of Aquaculture 79:140-154.
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