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Murry, Brent

Assistant Professor of Aquatic Ecology

Select Publications

  • Gehring, T.M., C.R. *Blass, B.A. Murry, and D.G. Uzarski. 2020. Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands as Suitable Habitat for Invasive Mute Swans. Journal of Great Lakes Research.
  • Murry, B.A., Ania, A., Boase, J., Briggs, A., Chiotti, J., *Fullard, C., Galarowicz, T., Hayes, D., Leonardi, J., *Madel, G., and *Stoller, J. 2020. Evaluation of a naturalized rock ramp fish passage for cool- and warm-water fish in a tributary of Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron. Fisheries Management and Ecology 27(1): 77-91. DOI: 10.1111.fme.12392
  • Murry, B.A. 2019. Wetland Conservation Requires Transition toward Landscape-Scale Interdisciplinary Approaches. Wetlands 39(6): 1249-1254. DOI 10.1007/s13157-019-01237-9
  • Murry, B.A., J. Bowden, B. *Branoff, A. Diaz-Conde, M. Garcia-Bermudez, B. Middleton, J. Ortiz-Zayas, C. Restrapo, and A. Terando. 2019. Perspective: developing flow policies to balance the water needs of humans and wetlands requires a landscape scale approach inclusive of future scenarios and multiple timescales. Wetlands 39(6): 1329-1341. DOI: 10.1007/s13157-019-01184-5
  • Campellone, R.M., K.M. Chouinard, N.A. Fisichelli, J.A. Gallo, J.R. Lujan, R. McCormick, T. Miewald, B.A. Murry, and D.J. Pierce. 2018. The iCAPP framework for landscape conservation design. Landscape and Urban Planning. 176:64-74.
  • Pyron, M., Becker, J.C., Broadway, K.J., Etchison, L., Minder, M., Decolibus, D., Chezem, M., Wyatt, K., and Murry, B.A. 2017. Are long-term fish assemblages changes in a large US river related to the Asian carp invasion? Test of the hostile take-over and opportunistic dispersal hypotheses. Aquatic Sciences. DOI: 10.1007/s00027-017-0525-4
  • Uzarski, D.G., Brady, V.J., Cooper, M.J., Wilcox, D.A., Albert, D.A., Axler, R.P., Bostwick, P., Brown, T.N., Ciborowski, J.J.H., Danz, N.P., Gathman, J.P., Gehring, T.M., Grabas, G.P., Garwood, A., Howe, R.W., Johnson, L., Lamberti, G.A., Moerke, A.H., Murry, B.A., Niemi, G.J., Norment, C.J., Ruetz, C.R., Steinman, A.D., Tozer, D., Wheeler, R., O’Donnell, T.K., and Schneider, J.P. 2017. Standardized measures of coastal wetland condition: implementation at a Laurentian Great Lakes basin-wide scale. Wetlands 37:15-32. DOI: 10.1007/s13157-016-0835-7
(* graduate student, ** undergraduate student)