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Sant' Anna, Ana Claudia

Assistant Professor of Resource Economics and Management

Ana Claudia Sant’Anna is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Resource Economics and Management at West Virginia University. Her areas of specialization are bioenergy economics, agribusiness and agricultural finance. Ana Claudia earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. There she applied quantitative methods to analyze market structures, contract relationships and firm strategic decisions related to the biofuel expansion in Brazil. She was a post-doctoral researcher at The Ohio State University and part of the Farm Income Enhancement Program before starting at West Virginia University. At WVU she teaches courses in current issues in agriculture and agricultural finance.

Ana Claudia has published articles in journals such as, Agribusiness, Biomass & Bioenergy, International Food and Agribusiness Management and Applied Economics. She has also received a number of awards such as the Excellence in Review Awards in 2018 from Resources, Conservation & Recycling, the University Distinguished Professors Graduate Student Award from Kansas State University and, the CNPq Brazilian National Award for Outstanding Performance in Initiation into Scientific Research.

Select Publications

  1. Sant’Anna, A.C.; Katchova, A. “Determinants of land value volatility in the U.S. Corn Belt” Applied Economics (Accepted). 2019.
  2. Sant’Anna, A.C.; Bergtold, J.; Shanoyan, A.; Caldas, M.M.; Granco, G. “Examining the relationship between vertical coordination strategies and technical efficiency: Evidence from the Brazilian ethanol industry.” Agribusiness. 2018. 
  3. Granco, G.; Sant’Anna, A.C.; Bergtold, J.; Caldas, M. M.; “Factors influencing ethanol mill location in a new sugarcane producing region in Brazil”.” Biomass & Bioenergy. v.111: 125-133. 2018. 
  4. Bergtold, J.S., Caldas, M.M.; Sant’Anna, A.C.; Granco, G and Rickenbrode, V. “Indirect Land-Use Change from Ethanol Production: The Case of Sugarcane Expansion at the Farm Level on theBrazilian Cerrado.” Journal of Land Use Science. 12:6, 442-456. 2017.
  5. Sant’Anna, A.C.; Shanoyan, A.; Bergtold, J. S.; Caldas, M. M.; Granco, G. Ethanol and Sugarcane Expansion in Brazil: What is Fueling the Ethanol Industry? International Food and Agribusiness Management Review. v. 19(4):163-182, 2016.
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