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Employee Spotlights

Mountaineers are complex, interesting people. Our employees do so much in their WVU-specific roles, but it’s only one facet of their lives. We’re delving into a different faculty and staff members’ life each week in this new email series. Together, we’ll discover the uniqueness of the individuals in our Davis College family.

Amanda Mercedes

Amanda Mercedes

Administrative Assistant for the Dean's Office

Amanda Mercedes’s Profile

Amber McLaughlin

Amber McLaughlin

Senior Director of Academic Affairs

Amber McLaughlin’s Profile

Amy Welsh

Amy Welsh

Associate Professor of Wildlife & Fisheries Resources

Amy Welsh’s Profile

Andrea in the garden holding a watermelon

Andrea Landis

Greenhouse Manager

Andrea Landis’s Profile

Andrew in a garden holding a lotus flower.

 : Andrew Barnes

Director of Development

Andrew Barnes’s Profile

Nettie with a seal on her shoulder

Annette "Nettie" Freshour

Director of Dietetic Internship Program
Teaching Assistant Professor

Annette "Nettie" Freshour’s Profile

Cheryl Brown

Cheryl Brown

Associate Professor of Resource Economics and Management

Cheryl Brown’s Profile

Debanjan standing in front of waterfall

Debanjun Das

Assistant Professor of Fashion, Dress and Merchandising

Debanjun Das’s Profile

Donald Brown

Donald Brown

Research Assistant Professor of Wildlife Resources

Donald Brown’s Profile

Greg Dahle

Greg Dahle

Associate Professor of Arboriculture

Greg Dahle’s Profile

Jim looking at soil samples with children

James Thompson

Professor of Soils and Land Use
Research Coordinator, National Soil Survey Center-Geospatial Research Unit

James Thompson’s Profile

Jessica standing in front of a classroom

Jessica Blythe

Associate Professor of Agriculture and Extension Education

Jessica Blythe’s Profile

Jim holding a snapping turtle

Jim Anderson

Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management
Davis-Michael Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources

Jim Anderson’s Profile

Joe Moritz

Joe Moritz

Professor and State Extension Specialist Poultry and Feed Manufacture

Joe Moritz’s Profile

John at the beach

John Howell

Research Assistant II

John Howell’s Profile

Katie on rocks overlooking ocean

Katie Jones

Assistant Professor of Fashion, Dress and Merchandising
Program Coordinator, Fashion Design

Katie Jones’s Profile

Kirsten Stephan

Kirsten Stephan

Teaching Associate Professor of Forest Management

Kirsten Stephan’s Profile

Lara Hedrick

Lara Hedrick

Research Associate for Forestry and Natural Resources Co-Op Unit

Lara Hedrick’s Profile

Laura with sunset in the background

Laura Tinney

Program Coordinator for the Institute of Water Security and Science

Laura Tinney’s Profile

Mark Aronhalt

Mark Aronhalt

Professional Technologist II

Mark Aronhalt’s Profile

Michael Boyce

Michael Boyce

Forest Manager

Michael Boyce’s Profile

Nicolas examining a tree

Nicolas Zegre

Associate Professor of Forest Hydrology
Director of Mountain Hydrology Lab

Nicolas Zegre’s Profile

Paul with his two dogs

Paul Kinder

Director of the Natural Resource Analysis Center
Assistant Research Professor

Paul Kinder’s Profile

Petra standing behind some flowers

Petra Wood

Adjunct Professor
Research Wildlife Biologist with U.S. Geological Survey

Petra Wood’s Profile

Renee with her sons at the beach

Renee Conneway

Recruitment Specialist

Renee Conneway’s Profile

Sheldon in the field

Sheldon Owen

Extension Wildlife Specialist

Sheldon Owen’s Profile

Stefanie Hines

Stefanie Hines

Teaching Assistant Professor of Energy Land Management

Stefanie Hines’s Profile

Steve Chhin

Steve Chhin

Assistant Professor of Quantitative Forest Management

Steve Chhin’s Profile

Teiya in his lab

Teiya Kijimoto

Assistant Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences

Teiya Kijimoto’s Profile