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Strager, Mike

Associate Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Adjunct Professor (DFNR)

Strager’s primary research interests are in using appropriate spatial and decision analysis techniques to aid in the analysis and management of natural resources.  Because sustainable solutions require the integration of the environment, economics, social issues, and spatial location, it is imperative that each be represented in the decision making process.  He has focused much of his research on providing spatial decision support to aid in prioritizing areas, evaluating alternatives and examining trade-offs when managing natural resources.  

Select Publications

  1. Maxwell, A. E., T. Warner, M. P. Strager . 2016. Predicting Palustrine Wetland Probability using Random Forest Machine Learning and Digital Elevation Data-Derived Terrain Variables. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing.  Vol. 82, No. 6, pp. 437–447.
  2. Merriam, E. R., Petty, J. T., M. P. Strager . 2016. Watershed Planning within a Quantitative Scenario Analysis Framework. J. Vis. Exp. (113), e54095, doi:10.3791/54095
  3. Tri, A. N., J. W. Edwards, M. P. Strager , J. T. Petty, C. W. Ryan, C. P. Carpenters, M. A. Ternent, P. C. Carr. 2016. Habitat use by American black bears in the urban-wildland interface of the Mid-Atlantic, USA. 27(1):45-56.
  4. Dhami, I., J. Deng, M. P. Strager , J. Conley. 2016. Suitability-sensitivity analysis of nature-based tourism using geographic information systems and analytic hierarchy process. Vol. 0, Iss. 0, pp. 1-28. Journal of Ecotourism. 
  5. Strager, M. P ., J. M. Strager, J. S. Evans, A. E. Maxwell, J. Dunscomb, B. Kreps. 2015. Combining a spatial model and demand forecasts to map future surface coal mining in Appalachia. PLoS ONE 10(6): e0128813. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0128813.
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