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Scholarship Applications

The Davis College distributes nearly $600,000 annually in general scholarships, travel grants and research grants to undergraduate students, and this value continues to grow due to generous donations from Davis College alumni and friends. These funds provide tuition relief as well as direct support for independent research, internships, travel to conferences, and study abroad.

Incoming Freshmen Scholarships

Fall 2019 incoming freshmen are eligible for scholarships from the Davis College based on their high school grade point average and standardized test scores (ACT or SAT). These scholarships are in addition to university level awards.

Level 1 – Dean’s Merit Scholarship:

Level 2 – Dean’s Honors Scholarship:

Renewal: Beginning with the Fall 2018 freshman class, Davis College Scholarships are renewable for a maximum of 8 undergraduate semesters, or until graduation. Davis College Scholarships will be automatically renewed each year as long as students meet renewal criteria

Freshmen Biochemistry Scholarships

In order to be considered for Davis College scholarships, incoming Biochemistry freshmen will need to fill out a scholarship application in the spring.

Scholarships for Returning Students

Current Davis College undergraduate students receiving a Davis College Scholarship will have their scholarships automatically renewed as long as they meet the following renewal criteria

Current students who are not receiving a scholarship may apply for a limited number Davis College scholarships in the spring. Successful applicants will have demonstrated a high level of achievement in their academic programs.

Undergraduate Student Enhancement Grants

In addition to general scholarships, the Davis College conducts an annual call for proposals from undergraduate students for support from undergraduate student enhancement grants. Several of these are program specific and others are available to students from across the college. These grants range in value from $500-$3,000 in value and help to support exceptional students in the Davis College to undertake undergraduate research projects, internships, and travel.