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Ryan Snyder

Ryan Snyder

Agribusiness Management
Class of 2021
Martinsburg, West Virginia

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Ryan loves the feeling of home at WVU and the Davis College, where the classes are small and the faculty and staff are friendly and approachable. It made him feel like this was the place to be.

Ryan is a junior in Agribusiness Management, what he says is the perfect fit for him, because it has so much flexibility within the program. He always has the option to change his mind about the future while still being prepared for whatever career he ultimately chooses. After careful consideration, he has decided to take the skills he has learned in Agribusiness Management and operate a commercial food processing venture of his own. Starting small in his hometown, he hopes to process one or two items to sell to schools, hospitals, and restaurants. The flexibility of the Agribusiness Management program has allowed him to develop this business plan because he was able to take necessary classes in food science and food safety and still complete his degree on time.

Fun Facts

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Superhero: Iron Man

Favorite Movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Hobbies: Working on cars, boating and water sports

Best Advice for New Students: Always go to class and apply for all of the scholarships you can. Don't be afraid to ask questions and talk to your professors.

What do you love most about your major? The flexibility it offers students to learn whatever they want and still have a degree that gives that chance to get a good job.

Why do you love being a Davis College Ambassador? I love meeting new people and talking with them. I also love helping people understand how coming to college works and giving them advice to help them make choices for their future.